Oil Remains a Terrific Value

The price of Crude oil is again falling today. Stockpiles are said to be growing, OPEC has no control of the market, Russia is in a panic, and supply just keeps outstripping demand.

This is very good news for our customers! Historically Fuel Oil (when adjusted for inflation) is selling for prices similar to prices 13, 16, and even as far back as 25 years ago! Even if we have a cold winter, they won't be "double-punched" with high energy costs.

What other major expense have stayed the same over the long term? Here is a look at food comparing 1985 and 2014:

Oil Remains a Terrific Value

Where fuel oil and gasoline are pretty steady, you can see we now pay much more for healthy foods (fruits, veggies, meat). I also looked into costs for housing (much more), cars (more), and college education (way more). We all know heath care costs are going through the roof.

So, we should feel pretty good about selling a product that has stayed affordable over the long term, and provides for a very basic need – WARMTH! True, oil prices can be volatile (thus the Price Program), but the facts don't lie. Oil is a great bargain right now. Pass it on!