Summertime To-Dos – Easy as 1-2-3

Summertime To-Dos

Homeowners, when you take stock of the seasonal home maintenance you need to do, don’t forget to include an inspection and/or tune-up of your HVAC equipment. Though largely unseen, your heating and cooling equipment contributes directly to your... Read More

What's happening with Fuel prices?

What's happening with Fuel prices?

It is no secret fuel prices have been on the increase over the past year.  When fuel prices increase it is hard on everyone; our customers have higher bills, our credit and dispatch efforts become more challenging, our cash flow gets squeezed... Read More

Liquid Fuel Storage – Checklist for Spill Prevention

Liquid Fuel Storage

When it comes to liquid fuel storage, whether for outdoor kerosene tanks, or fuel tanks in the basement of your home, safe storage is paramount. You can do your own inspection and make a determination as to whether it is good to go. Use these check lists... Read More

Baby, it's cold outside! – Some good advice for our fuel customers, and anyone facing this winter weather.

Baby, it's cold outside!

With the New Year upon us, here are some thoughts and suggestions to get you through the cold of winter warmly and safely, with plenty of fuel in the tank. Automatic Delivery: Being on automatic delivery means we will not let you run out of fuel.... Read More

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